Volume 7, Issue 4 (10.10.2020)


We Are Not a Specialty - Should We Be?

Jean-François Masse, DMD, MSc, FACD, Diplomate, ABDSM

Original Articles

Evaluating Efficacy of Mandibular Advancement Device in Patients With Essential Hypertension and Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Manan Shah, MDS; Somil Mathur, MDS; Snehal Upadhyay, MDS; Rakesh Makwana, MD

Testing Dentists‘ General Sleep Knowledge With the ASKME Survey

Michael Simmons DMD, MSc, MPH; James Sayre, DrPH, MS

Importance of Dental Sleep Medicine as an Integral Part of Dental Curriculum

Nasser Alqahtani, BDS, MS; Turki Alajaji, BDS; Raed Alasim, BDS; Omar Alzoman, BDS; Hanan Alotaibi, BDS, MS; Sahar Albarakati, BDS, MS; Waled Alshhrani, BDS, MS, PhD

Special Articles

American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine Position on the Scope of Practice for Dentists Ordering or Administering Home Sleep Apnea Tests

David Schwartz, DDS; Michael Adame, DDS; Nancy Addy, DDS; Michelle Cantwell, DMD; James Hogg, DDS; Nelly Huynh, PhD; Paul Jacobs, DDS; Mitchell Levine, DMD; Kevin Postol, DDS; Rosemarie Rohatgi, DMD


Identifying the Appropriate Therapeutic Position of an Oral Appliance

Rose Sheats, DMD, MPH; Gregory Essick, DDS, PhD; Jarrett Grosdidier, DDS; Sheri Katz, DDS; Chun Kim, DDS; Mitchell Levine, DMD; Imran Patel, DMD

Perspectives on Over-the-Counter Appliances

Review Articles

Comparing a Sibilant Phoneme Denture Bite Position With an Anterior Protrusive Mandibular Positioning Device in Oral Appliance Therapy for Dental Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea: A Systematic Review

Enoch T. Ng, DDS; Pedro Mayoral, DDS, MSc, PhD; Ivonne Hernandez, DDS, MSc; Manuel O. Lagravere, DDS, MSc, PhD


Rapid Maxillary Expansion Effects on the Upper Airway Dimensions and Function in Growing Patients: An Umbrella Review

Silvia Gianoni-Capenakas, DDS, MSc; Karla Carpio Horta, DDS, MSc PhD; Carlos Flores-Mir DDS, MSc, Ph.D., FRCD(c); Manuel O. Lagravère, DDS, MSc, Ph.D., FRCD(c); Camila Pacheco-Pereira, DDS, MBA, MSc

Letters to the Editor

Considerations About Oral Appliance Therapy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Caetano Petrella; Milton Maluly, PhD; Gabriel NatanPires, PhD; Monica L. Andersen, PhD; Sergio Tufik, MD, PhD


Correction: Self-Reported Sleep Quality With Mandibular Advancement Device or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure: A Randomized Clinical Trial on Patients With Mild and Moderate Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Lars Martin Berg, DDS; Torun Karina S. Ankjell, MD; Tordis Agnete Trovik, DDS, MPH, PhD; Anders Sjögren, DDS, PhD; Oddveig G. Rikardsen, MD, PhD; Ketil Moen, DDS, PhD; Yi-Qian Sun, PhD; Vegard Bugten, MD, PhD