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Dental sleep medicine is rapidly expanding in both its research and clinical applications. With a membership that has grown to more than 3,500 individuals, the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine presents industry supporters with numerous opportunities to network with dental sleep specialists and showcase products and services. 

Industry supporters may gain exposure through print and online advertising and sponsorship opportunities or connect with AADSM members by exhibiting at the AADSM Annual Meeting, AADSM Mastery Program, or other AADSM educational course.

Advertising Opportunities 


2024 Advertising Opportunities

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OAT Awareness Sponsorship Program

Join the AADSM in spreading the word about oral appliance therapy through the new, OAT Awareness Sponsorship Program.

Beginning in 2021, the AADSM and American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine implemented a public relations and marketing campaign directed at physicians and patients to increase awareness of oral appliance therapy and qualified dentists. In 2021, we reached more than 1.1 million physicians with our target audience seeing AADSM ads approximately 4 times. 

In 2023, we focused our efforts on public awareness. Following are results from these efforts:

  • 96 million people have seen articles, podcasts and TV segments featuring AADSM members or oral appliance therapy.
  • 524,000 people have been reached on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
  • 1.52 million people have viewed digital ads about oral appliance therapy and AADSM Qualified Dentists.
Your support will help us continue our efforts to further advance awareness of the benefits of oral appliance therapy provided by qualified dentists. All proceeds will be allocated for the AADSM’s public relations and marketing campaign. 

Sponsored Webinars
- Average registration: 130 attendees

Sponsored Emails
-Average 57% open rate, 3% CTR

JDSM Issue Engagement

January ’23: 59% opens, 8% clicks

April ’23: 60% opens, 9% clicks

July ’23 60% opens, 8% clicks

Annual Fee: $10,000
*This fee is non-refundable.

Participating companies will be recognized for their support in the following ways:

  • AADSM NewsFlash email to AADSM members
  • Social media posts
  • AADSM website, including AADSM Find-A-Dentist online directory for patients
  • Signage and verbal recognition at the 2024 AADSM Annual Meeting
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Exhibit Opportunities

AADSM Annual Meeting

The AADSM Annual Meeting offers the opportunity to promote your organization to AADSM members. 

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