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Volume 11, Number 3 (7.10.2024)

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Testing, Testing

Jean-François Masse, DMD, MSc, FACD

Original Articles

A Novel Method for Pre-selectivity of Oral Appliance Palliative Pharyngeal Airway Outcomes in Obstructive Sleep Apnea: A Pilot Study

Bruce S. Haskell, DMD, PhD, David Jensen, DMD, MS, Andrew M. Roberts, PhD, Mohamed Bazina, DMD, MSD

The Effect of Mandibular Advancement Devices on Sympathetic Nerve Activity and Markers of Cardiovascular Health in Obstructive Sleep Apnea Patients: A Prospective Case Series Protocol

Emily King, MSc, Sana Ayesha, MBBS, Craig Steinback, PhD, Carlos Flores-Mir, DSc

Case Reports

Management of a Hyperactive Gag Reflex for Oral Appliance Therapy: A Case Report

Andrew S. Ryser, CPT, DDS, Kyung Kim, COL, DMD, Steven Handel, LTC, DMD, Jennifer Sabol, COL, DDS, Maddie E. Ryser, DNP, FNP-BC,

Case Report: Multidisciplinary Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Dental Malocclusion

Maria Sokolina, DDS, D.ABDSM

Special Article

Perspectives on Benefits of Attending the AADSM Annual Meeting

Featuring responses from: Vicki E. Cohn, DDS, D.ABDSM, Shelley D. Shults CNP, DDS, D.ABDSM, Subha Giri, BDS, MS, FAAOP, D. ABDSM, Zhengfei Huang, DMD, MSc, PhD

Late-Breaking Abstracts