Volume 3, Issue 4 (10.10.16)



When Is a Monobloc Not a Monobloc? Cautions for Clinical Practice
Leslie C. Dort

Managing Sub-Optimal Responders through Combination Therapy
Gordon M. Bell

Original Articles

Does CPAP Pressure Predict Treatment Outcome with Oral Appliances?
Leslie C. Dort, Nicole Savard, Erika Dort, Malcolm Dort, Joseph Dort

Predicting Therapeutic Outcome of Mandibular Advancement Device Treatment in Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (PROMAD): Study Design and Baseline Characteristics
Annelies E.R. Verbruggen, Anneclaire V.M.T. Vroegop, Marijke Dieltjens, Kristien Wouters, Chloé Kastoer, Wilfried A. De Backer, Johan A. Verbraecken, Marc Willemen, Paul H. Van de Heyning, Marc J. Braem, Olivier M. Vanderveken

Letters to the Editor

Practices that Can Impact Proper Assessment of the Upper Airway Volume
Ahmed I. Masoud

Anatomical and Functional Factors that Interfere with the Syndrome of Obstructive Apnea Recurrent Sleep in Children Aged 7 to 14 Years and the Importance of CTCB for the Recognition of Factors
Rosa Carrieri Rossi

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