Volume 6, Issue 4 (10.10.19)


With ‘Epidemic’ Rise in OSA, Should Qualified Dentists Provide CPAP Therapy

Jean-Francois Masse, DMD, MSc, D.ABDSM

Original Articles


Cephalometric Evaluation of Craniofacial Morphology in Pediatric Patients With Fully Diagnosed OSA With Distinct Sagittal Skeletal Malocclusions

Simona Pisacane, DDS, MS; Marco Carotenuto, DDS, MS, PhD; Fabrizia d’Apuzzo, DDS, MS, PhD; Maddalena Vitale, DDS, MS, PhD; Vincenzo Grassia, DDS, MS, PhD;  Carlos Flores-Mir, DDS, BSc, MSc, DSc; Letizia Perillo, DDS, MS, PhD

The Current State of Dental Sleep Medicine Practice in Academic Institutions: A Questionnaire-Based Study

Nader Karimi, DDS, MS; Noshir Mehta, BDS, MDS, DMD, MS; Sarah E. Pagni, PhD, MPH; Ekaterini Antonellou, DMD, MS; Eileen H. Doherty, MS; Leopoldo P. Correa, BDS, MS

Evaluation of Fat Tissue Deposition Within the Tongue Via Near-Infrared Interactance

Eriko Ando, PhD; Yuko Shigeta, DDS, PhD; Chieko Ishikawa, PhD; Shuji Shigemoto; Takumi Ogawa, DDS, PhD; Glenn T. Clark, DDS, MS; Reyes Enciso. PhD