Special Article 3, Issue 9.1

Volunteering for the AADSM 


As 2021 has drawn to a close and we now move on to a new year with new, fresh opportunities, we want to take a moment to reflect and express our gratitude for all that our members and those who volunteer on AADSM committees and task forces do for the organization. The tireless work of our volunteers furthers the science, study and practice of dental sleep medicine.

We reached out to several of our committee and task force volunteers to ask them what they enjoy most about working with the AADSM. Here were some of their answers:  
“I have had the opportunity to be a volunteer member of task forces and various committees of the AADSM over the years.These positions have enabled me to connect and exchange ideas with many dental sleep colleagues across the country. The coolest part of our collaborative efforts is to see them become meaningful contributions to the purpose, mission and resourcefulness of the Academy in serving its members. I consider volunteering as my chance to give back in a worthwhile manner to the AADSM for the many ways it has helped me build my dental sleep medicine practice.”
-Dr. Michael Hnat, DMD
“There are several reasons why I enjoy volunteering with the AADSM:

First, I feel that getting involved with the AADSM puts me in a position to get to know other dentists and physicians who are passionate about sleep and, particularly, dental sleep medicine. It's great to be able to collaborate with these extremely knowledgeable people and to use that information clinically to better help my patients.

I am also a believer in the mission of the AADSM to offer educational opportunities for dentists and staff to learn about dental sleep medicine. The AADSM is a valuable resource for dental sleep medicine education, and I am grateful to be a part of providing these educational opportunities.”
-Dr. Kevin Wallace, DMD
“As a health care provider, the word community service invariably makes us think of underserved areas and remote villages. We almost never think of “service” as helping our colleagues. Taking care of peers has been a strong motivator for me. What I like about volunteering at the AADSM is a shared sense of purpose - helping our fellow professionals do dental sleep medicine a little better and without stress.”
-Dr. Sripriya Jayaraman, DDS
As we look forward toward 2022, we encourage our members to considering volunteering for AADSM task forces and committees. The call for volunteers will be sent via email to all members in January 2022. Many thanks to our volunteers from 2021:
Maia Tsirghiladze, DMD (Chair)
Rachel Hogan, DMD
Paul Levine, DDS (Chair)
Tanya Al-Talib, DDS
Harmeet Chiang, DDS
Kelli Christensen, DDS
Leopoldo Correa, BDS
Allen Firestone, DDS
Michael Hnat, DMD
Terri Matthews, DMD
Daniela Mendonca, DDS, MSc, PhD
Andres Pinto, DMD
Karen Wuertz, DDS, PA
Omar Mahmassani, DDS (Chair)
Arthur Feigenbaum, DMD (Vice-Chair)
Girish Bharwani, DDS
Rashpal Deol, DDS
Becky Fox, DMD
Lisa Gallucci, DMD
Jay Nelson, DMD
Imran Patel, DMD
Eric Runyon, DDS
DSM Team Member Education Task Force
Reza Radmand, DMD (Chair)
Harmeet Chiang, BDS, DDS, MS, FAGD
Massimiliano Di Giosia, DDS
Danelle Walton, DDS
Maria Therese Galang-Boquiren, DMD, MS
Rosemarie Rohatgi, DMD
David Silk, DDS
Olivier M. Vanderveken, MD, PhD
Michael Adame, DDS
DSM Team Member Education Task Force
Briana Turlington (Chair)
Megan Nye, EFDA
Belinda Postol, RN
Danelle Walton, DDS
Kevin Wallace, DMD (Chair)
Richard Buck, DMD
Clare McGorry, DDS
Rubina Nguyen, DDS
Michael Pagano, DDS
Jeff Rodgers, DMD
Arielle Wulfsohn, DMD
Tanya Kushner, DDS (Consultant)
Mazen Aly, BDS
Yasmin Chebbi, DMD
Olivia Cukier, DMD
David Flamenco, DDS
William Harrell, DMD
Sahag Mahseredjian, DMD
Jeff Paz, DDS
Brian Prentice, DDS
Supakit Peanchitlertkajorn, DDS
Nipa Thakkar, DMD
Payer Policy Task Force
Vicki Cohn, DDS
Lindsey Deol, DDS
Erika Mason, DDS
Ken Mogell, DMD
Kent Smith, DDS
Belinda Postol, RN

Policy and Emerging Issues Task Force
Dan Tache, DMD (Chair)
Kip Covington, DMD
Michael Pagano, DDS
Ivan Valcarenghi, DDS
Sue Ellen Richardson, DDS (Chair)
Michael Hnat, DMD
Sripriya Jayaraman, DDS
Samira Shafaee, DDS
Maria Sokolina, DDS
Aaron Glick, DDS (Chair)
Meir Keller, DDS
Rashpal Deol, DDS
Rubina Nguyen, DDS
Rominder Kaur, DDS
David Flamenco, DDS
Scott Williams, MD
Joel Solis, MD
Ghizlane Aarab, DDS, PhD (Chair)
Marijke Dieltjens, PhD
Massimilliano Di Giosia, DDS
Greg Essick, DDS, PhD
Susana Falardo Ramos, DDS, PhD
Maria Therese Galang-Boquiren, DMD
Silvia Gianoni-Capenakas, DDS, PhD
Aaron Glick, DDS
Sripriya Jayaraman, DDS
Meir Keller, DDS
Frank Lobbezoo, DDS, PhD
Pedro Mayoral, DDS, PhD
Olivier Vanderveken, MD, PhD
Eduardo Vazquez, DDS, PhD
Fernanda Yanez Regonesi, DDS, MS


Volunteering for the AADSM. J Dent Sleep Med. 2022;9(1).