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AADSM Members Looking Forward to the 30th Anniversary Meeting in Dallas, TX


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After a two-year wait, the time has finally come when dentists, staff, researchers and industry can meet again in person and network over their shared passion for dental sleep medicine. As the AADSM counts down the days until its 30th Anniversary Meeting, May 13-15 in Dallas, TX, JDSM staff reached out to some of those registered for the meeting to hear their thoughts. 



“The upcoming meeting is the result of the painstaking efforts and dedication of the annual meeting committee members during year two of the pandemic. The large variety of topics and speakers promises to make up for any lost time. I especially look forward to reconnecting with colleagues and friends and experiencing the excitement of learning the latest in dental sleep medicine in person, not wearing sweatpants in front of a computer screen!”

-Omar K. Mahmassani, DDS, D.ABDSM 

“The annual meeting is a feast for me. There are so many opportunities to grow. Of course, the presentations are in the forefront: from basic science (in terms I can understand) to clinical how-to-do sessions. There are oral presentations/posters too: a great way to take a quick look at science-based presentations and get to know the people behind them. It may be a student or newer faculty person, and it is great to share their enthusiasm. And sometimes it’s an established ‘name’ in dental sleep medicine. What better way to meet the people that help move sleep medicine?

The exhibit hall is a separate, overflowing offering. You can see and touch the new products and speak to the exhibitors about the products and the company behind them. You can often try the product and there are always meeting discounts available for products you know and trust.

The people, it’s the people. You can find your friends; you can make new ones. It’s the human connections that are so important. It’s the person with whom you share your thoughts after a presentation. It’s the presenter or the exhibitor with whom you connect. That’s a business relationship, but it’s more than just ordering online. There are the lunches, dinners, the gala, and the ‘stolen’ minutes getting coffee where you can connect. I want to see my enthusiasm for dental sleep medicine reflected in the faces of the people I meet; we can go forward together."
-Allen R. Firestone, DDS, MS 
“When I was asked to comment on why I am looking forward to the conference celebrating the 30th anniversary of the AADSM, I reflected on the many years that I have attended this meeting and decided I am probably more excited about this year’s conference than others for three reasons:
  1. We are finally back together…in person!  We need each other. The ability to collaborate and network with so many like-minded colleagues, enriches the learning and growth of our profession.
  2. As a dental hygienist and myofunctional therapist, it is rewarding that we attend this year, for the first time, as actual members of AADSM, recognized as professionals in the field.
  3. Last but certainly not least, judging by the lineup of speakers, I am excited by the growth and evolution of the AADSM from a primary focus of helping our patients with oral appliances, to following the research by looking at an interdisciplinary approach for care, addressing orthognathic factors, underlying phenotypes of airway issues, and myofunctional therapy among other topics.
I am proud to be part of an organization that's kept forward momentum over the challenges (and there have been many!) over the past few years.”
 -Renee Marks, RDH, MS, COMT 
“I'm incredibly excited to be a part of the AADSM annual meeting this year.As a poster presenter I am eager to share my research over the last 3 years utilizing expansive orthopedics as an incredible treatment option for patients suffering from OSA. These meetings are vital for dentists around the world to be able to share what is (and is not) working in our day-to-day practices. They don’t call it the "practice of dentistry" for nothing. With the rapidly emerging awareness of obstructive sleep apnea in dentistry, sharing our practices and knowledge is more vital than ever. While dentistry can sometimes feel lonely and overwhelming as small business owners, it’s a community network like those involved with the AADSM that can help uplift our colleagues and catapult them to a more productive practice, with happier patients. I look forward to hearing what other presenters and lecturers have to share during this 2022 meeting!”
-Kalli Hale, DDS, MPH 
“First of all, I'm looking forward to participating in an in-person event after a long period of seclusion. Being able to see and chat with colleagues and friends will be wonderful, as well as having the privilege of learning and sharing new knowledge with renowned researchers.  

I am also very happy and excited to present the results of our AADSM award-winning research about the use of OAm in adults with Down syndrome, which offers a safe and effective option for treating OSA in this population.

AADSM is a professional society of excellence that strives for the scientific development and ethical standards in dental sleep medicine, always promoting an event of the highest level. We look forward to participating every year.”
 -Lilian Chrystiane Giannasi Marson, PhD
To learn more about the speakers and topics for this year’s meeting, visit the AADSM Annual Meeting webpage. See you in Dallas!


AADSM members looking forward to the 30th anniversary meeting in Dallas, TX. J Dent Sleep Med. 2022;9(2).