Special Article 1, Issue 11.1

Perspectives from Long-Time AADSM Members  


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The AADSM is grateful for the support of all its members – these members have contributed their time, talents and knowledge to this organization countless times and have made the AADSM stronger with each contribution. In this JDSM perspectives article, we wanted to hear from our long-term members who have been a part of the academy for 10 years or longer on what they value about being part of the AADSM.


“For the past decade, my affiliation with the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM) has been pivotal to my professional journey, leading to continuous learning, personal growth, and collaboration. Joining AADSM ten years ago was driven by my research interest in dental sleep medicine during my orthodontic residency at UNC- Chapel Hill and the guidance of one of my faculty, Dr. Rose Sheats. I continued my membership to advance my expertise in dental sleep medicine.

The AADSM has been an important resource by offering cutting-edge knowledge and research in the evolving field of sleep dentistry. Through annual conferences, clinical and scientific publications, Mastery program and service, I have had the privilege of staying at the forefront of advancements in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep-related breathing disorders. Being part of AADSM has not only broadened my understanding of sleep medicine but has also provided me with the tools to deliver enhanced teaching and patient care.

The AADSM has been instrumental in promoting connections with other professionals in the field. Engaging in discussions with experts, sharing knowledge with peers, and participating in collaborative initiatives have expanded my perspective and enriched my teaching and practice. The sense of community within AADSM has been a source of inspiration, allowing me to contribute to the field and maintain the highest levels of patient care.

As a longstanding member, I have witnessed the advancement of dental sleep medicine and its significant growth in healthcare. AADSM has been my guide through these changes and helped me grow in this dynamic field.”

 - Tanya Al-Talib, DDS, MS

“I have been a member of the AADSM for 22 years. When I attended the AADSM annual meeting for the first time in Chicago in 2001, I met about 300 dentists from around the world who were working in the same newfield of dental sleep medicine (DSM), which I had concentrated on since 1997.

I was excited about the professional exchange with these international DSM colleagues and the interesting lectures provided at the AADSM conference.And I was amazed that at this early time, the academy was organized by enthusiastic colleagues themselves. So, I attended the AADSM conferences for nearly 20 years in a row (only interrupted by COVID). I am grateful that the AADSM provides such an international platform for DSM exchange, excellent DSM education and new ideas, e.g. the AADSM certification and the “Find-a-Dentist” page. AADSM served as a model when I introduced the DSM certification in Germany during my presidency of the German Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine and the “find a dentist section“ on our German website (www.dgzs.de).

AADSM inspired me to give DSM courses in other European countries 20 years ago (in Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Austria, Portugal) to motivate colleagues to start DSM academies in their countries and move DSM forward.

Very early on, the AADSM published a treatment protocol on oral appliance therapy and installed guidelines encouraging dentists around the world to get involved in the dental treatment of sleep-disordered breathing.

And last but not least I value the regular DSM news which came as the “AADSM Dialogue” in early years and is now called “Latest Findings in Dental Sleep Medicine.” The AADSM has spread the word worldwide for the sake of our patients.
 - Susanne Schwarting, DDS

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Perspectives from long-time AADSM members. J Dent Sleep Med. 2024;11(1).