Special Article 1, Issue 10.3

Perspectives on AADSM Benefits and Resources  


Disclaimer: The use, mention or depiction of any product, device, service or appliance shall not be interpreted as an endorsement, recommendation or preference by the AADSM. Any opinion expressed is solely the opinion of the individual, and not that of the AADSM.

One of the many benefits of AADSM membership includes the variety of resources that dentists and their team members can use in their practices. We reached out to a few of our members to hear about their favorite resources and how they use them.


“We all enjoy helping our patients breathe better when they sleep.  However, I don’t always enjoy the work of writing or hunting down the tools that we use in our quest to help our patients.  I find that the AADSM solves so many of my problems.

Sometimes in our day-to-day work in our offices, it is easy to miss recent updates and position papers in our field.  Not only does the AADSM inform us of these new developments through our email, but the Academy also links to these updates on its website.  Awareness of these updates guides us and allows us to share with our physician colleagues.

I love the AADSM information sheets for both the physician and patient; they have done all the work for me!   The AADSM created patient information sheets with attractive, easy to read graphics, filled with compelling and to the point facts - all of which help the patients to understand the ‘why’ of treatment.   I especially like the ‘Because I Love You’ sheet.

The AADSM compiled a reference filled educational fact sheet, ‘Debunking the Myths of OAs for OSA,’ which is very appropriate for physicians.  This sheet addresses so many of the important facts that physicians often don’t know about and provides the references in journals that they trust and respect.
I like it when AADSM produces accurate, dependable, and reliable support that is already ready for me to use!”

- Sue Ellen Richardson, DDS, D.ABDSM 

“The AADSM website is the first place I go to when I want information about Oral Appliance Therapy.There is so much information in one place!I use the website when I have any interest in CE, as it has the most extensive, and quality, list that I can find.The webinars are wonderful as well. There is an abundance of practice management information that has been extremely helpful to me over the years.Visiting the website keeps me up to date on what is going on in our industry.

The "For Patients" section of the website is excellent!I have sent many patients there who want more information on Oral Appliances.I also use the website when I have a patient that is moving to another part of the country.It allows me to find a diplomate and/or qualified dentist in the new area that I can refer them to.”
- Jarrett Grosdidier, DDS, D.ABDSM 

“As a long-time and very active member of the AADSM over the years I have had the good fortune to get to know many dental sleep medicine colleagues from across the country. At times I may have oral appliance patients that are relocating to another state but still need to maintain the required long term follow-up care on their oral appliance therapy.  There are also occasions when current patients may ask for a sleep dentist referral for a family member or friend in another region of the country. In either situation, I may need to research contact information for a nearby colleague to provide as a referral or locate another closer “qualified” sleep dentist for their needs.  My quick and easy go-to resource to locate a provider for them is the “Find-an-AADSM-Dentist” resource on the AADSM website. I find this resource to be very informative, comprehensive and simple to navigate to be able to select appropriate referrals. In building trustful relationships with my sleep patients, I know they feel confident that the referrals I provide them will be very qualified to continue their care or provide exceptional care to others.

- Michael Hnat DMD, DABDSM

“Technical knowledge and business know-how are of paramount importance to achieve success in any field. As dental practitioners take their initial steps into the ocean that is DSM, every decision seems monumental. Thankfully, AADSM has vast resources that can help new and seasoned DSM providers.
The practice management section of the AADSM website has a plethora of forms/tools and templates, that are customizable to a given practice. The following in particular, are the resources I have found most useful:
  1. Informed consent. This template spells out how an oral appliance works, risks, alternatives and benefits in a simple and easy to understand language from patient perspective.
  2. Exam form. There is space in this form to write every single detail of the physical/dental exam. Starting from height/weight, TMJ/ airway/dental/occlusal assessments. It has space to include the names of the referring physician, PCP, dentist, and sleep study details. In our practice, we customized this form to include salient features in patient chief complaint, medical history/medications and allergies. Gathering data in this comprehensive way makes writing reports a breeze.
  3. Start of treatment letter to dentist of record. This form is particularly suitable where the DSM and dental service providers are different. We modified this form to inform and alleviate concerns about potential side effects and occlusal changes that may occur with oral appliances.
Please check the practice management section for more. It might save time and prevent reinventing the wheel.
- Priya Jayaraman DDS, MPH



“Being involved in the AADSM for over 30 years I have seen many positive improvements and the discussion board is certainly one of those. I am also involved in other professional list serves and this is by far the easiest to use with great participation. Although my involvement has been mostly what I would call mentoring, I have been, at times, brought up to date on literature that I was unaware of. All participants are very respectful, and no query is too elemental. In the early phase of the Academy, there was a great deal of bias from participants as to their own therapies with an economic interest. I find that bias to be almost nonexistent on the recent discussion posts. I would think it is beneficial for those just beginning their careers in this field to have so many experienced practitioners to guide them in such a timely fashion. Keep up the good work.”

- Sylvan Mintz, DDS, MScD


Perspectives on AADSM benefits and resources. J Dent Sleep Med. 2023;10(3).