Letters to the Editor 1, Issue 1.3

A Little Insurance Information That Might Keep You Out of Harm’s Way


David B. Schwartz, DDS, Diplomate, ABDSM
The Center for Sleep Medicine, Skokie, IL

While we are all familiar with or at least more aware of our dental malpractice insurance, we truly cross over into a different world when we are performing oral appliance therapy. One suggestion I can make is to contact your individual insurance company and have them provide you with a definitive coverage for treating snoring and sleep apnea. This may come in the form as an additional endorsement or simply as a letter from the underwriter stating that you are covered for providing this procedure when it is ordered by a physician. The underwriter is just trying to protect you and also the insurance provider. A simple phone call to your insurance representative can save you lots of aggravation down the road. Each, state and carrier will have different rules so check with your malpractice insurance provider to clarify anything that you may be unclear on.


Schwartz DB. A little insurance information that might keep you out of harm’s way. Journal of Dental Sleep Medicine 2014;1(3):135


Submitted for publication September, 2014
Accepted for publication September, 2014

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