Editorial 1, Issue 1.1

A Step Forward Together


Leslie C. Dort, DDS, Diplomate, ABDSM, Editor-in-Chief Journal of Dental Sleep Medicine
University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Welcome to the first issue of the Journal of Dental Sleep Medicine (JDSM), the official publication of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM). I am honored to have been asked by the AADSM to be the editor of JDSM and thank the board of directors for their confidence.

Many have contributed to getting the first issue to press. Dr. Stuart Quan, editor of the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine was most generous in sharing his editorial processes and his experience in bringing a new journal to press. Colleagues, both dental and medical, around the globe were positive and enthusiastic when asked to join the editorial board. JDSM has and will continue to benefit from the support of the managing editorial staff whose experience with SLEEP and Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine is invaluable.

A new journal is a challenge and that the first issue appears in the spring is à propos. Undoubtedly, like spring, the new journal will show new growth but also like spring weather will have muddy and unsettled periods. The number of dental professionals involved in sleep medicine is increasing quickly as evidenced by the growth of the AADSM.1 These are health care providers who desire the information necessary to give state-ofthe-art care to their patients.

The focus of JDSM will be to provide information to clinicians and researchers. No other journals concentrate on sleep medicine from a dental perspective. Our journal will be broad in scope with the intention of giving readers a current view primarily of dental sleep medicine but also of general sleep medicine. Although there is growing interest in sleep medicine education which led to the first conference of dental sleep medicine educators,2 training in sleep medicine is uncommon in undergraduate dental education.2,3 JDSM hopes to be a concentrated source of information to clinicians and researchers at all levels of experience.

The field has a strong collaborative research group in the ORal Appliance Network on Global Effectiveness (ORANGE).4 ORANGE has made considerable progress and we look forward to reports of the successes of this collaborative international research effort.

JDSM will publish original research, reviews, case reports, clinical pearls, editorials, debates, conference proceedings, conference abstracts and clinical practice commentary. As the official publication of the AADSM, JDSM will publish reports and news from the board of directors, committees and task forces.

JDSM hopes to encourage experienced, but as yet unpublished, clinicians to share clinical knowledge through the case report and clinical pearl formats. Please contact me with any questions regarding potential submissions.

The Journal of Dental Sleep Medicine is a benefit of AADSM membership. In the near future, JDSM will apply for inclusion in Pubmed and Pubmed Central. The contents will be open access on the journal’s website six months after publication. The philosophy of JDSM will be to facilitate acceptance of submissions through a thoughtful review and revision process. In a young field such as ours there are many clinicians with a wealth of knowledge but fewer researchers than in more established areas. I hope all members of the AADSM with benefit from the new JDSM. Your support, comments and suggestions will all contribute to its future as a valuable contribution your professional endeavours.


Dort LC. A step forward together. Journal of Dental Sleep Medicine 2014;1(1):5.


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Submitted for publication March, 2014
Accepted for publication March, 2014

Address correspondence to: Leslie C. Dort, DDS, 1016-68th Ave SW, Suite 150, Calgary, AB T2V 4J2, Canada; Tel: (403) 202-4905; Fax: (403) 202- 0266; E-mail: lcdort@gmail.com


Dr. Dort is Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Dental Sleep Medicine.