AADSM Guidelines Archive


The AADSM strives to provide the dental sleep medicine field with up-to-date information and guidance. Accordingly, an annual review of policy and position papers is conducted to ensure that papers more than five years old remain congruent with DSM literature and best practices. When more current guidance is available, papers are archived below. The content on this page is not updated and may contain broken links. 

Archived Guidelines

  • Clinical Practice Guideline for Oral Appliance Therapy (2015)
    • Ramar K, Dort LC, Katz SG, Lettieri CJ, Harrod CG, Thomas SM, Chervin RD. Clinical practice guideline for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea and snoring with oral appliance therapy: an update for 2015. Journal of Dental Sleep Medicine 2015;2(3):71– 125.

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