2022 Annual Meeting Recorded Sessions

The following list of sessions were recorded at the 2022 AADSM 30th Anniversary Meeting that took place on May 13-15 in Dallas, TX. Access to these recordings will be provided between July 15, 2022-May 15, 2023. A maximum of 28 CE Credits can be claimed via the recorded sessions. 


A01: How Dentists Can Help Address the Public Burden of OSA
 Meir Kryger, MD
1 CE Credit      
A02: Outcome Measures Beyond the AHI
 Ed Weaver, MD
1 CE Credit
A03: The Complexity of HSAT
Nancy Collop, MD
1 CE Credit
A04: Oral Presentations1 CE Credit
A05: Pathophysiological Endotyping in Patients Treated with Oral Appliance Therapy
 Olivier Vanderveken, MD, PhD
1 CE Credit
A06: The Impact of Mental Health, Depression, and Anxiety on Sleep
 Jason Ong, PhD
1 CE Credit
A07: Orthodontics and Sleep Medicine - What We Know and What We Don't
 Ben Pliska, DDS, MS, FRCD(C)
1 CE Credit
A08: CHOICE Trial
 Fernanda Almeida, DDS, PhD
1 CE Credit
A09: Whirlwind of Sleep Disorders: SDB,  Hypersomnia, Insomnia, Parasomnia and Movement Disorders, and Circadian Rhythm Disorders
 Salma Patel, MD, MPH
1 CE Credit
A10: New Developments in Pharmacology as it Relates to OSA
 Jonathan Lown, MD
1 CE Credit
A11: Atypical OSA Phenotypes: Tips to Increase Recognition
Scott Williams, MD
1 CE Credit
A12: Managing Side Effects and Undesired Outcomes
 John Carollo, DMD
1 CE Credit
A13: Current Perspectives on the Use of Pulse Oximetry in DSM Practice 
 James Metz, DDS
1 CE Credit
A14: Effectiveness of Surgical Procedures for OSA
 Jeff Prinsell, DMD, MD
1 CE Credit
A15: An International Definition of Dental Sleep Medicine 
Frank Lobbezoo, DDS, PhD
1 CE Credit
A16: OSA in Women Across Their Lifespan
 Michele Okun, PhD
1 CE Credit         
A17: Pediatric OSA
 Audrey Yoon, DDS, MS
1 CE Credit


B01: Do pharyngometry, clear aligners, and soft tissue lasers have a role in DSM?: A Panel Discussion
     Pharyngometry Uses in DSM
         Jeff Horowitz, DMD
     Orthodontic Expansion With Clear Aligners
         Geoffrey Skinner, DDS
     Soft Tissue Lasers for Snoring
         Michael Pagano, DDS
2 CE Credits
B02: Narcolepsy/UARS
 Gerard Meskill, MD
1 CE Credit
B03: Cardiac Function and Sleep
 Jennifer Cook, MD
1 CE Credit
B04: TMD and OAT
     Existing Bruxism, Transient Bruxism Associated with Introducing Device, Device Design and Strategies
         Jamison Spencer, DMD, MS
     UARS, Women and Pain, Sympathetic Response
         Subha Giri, DDS, MS
     Demystifying Splints and Injections
         Alex Vaughan, DDS 
3 CE Credits
B05: Non-responders: Where Do We Go From Here? 
     Airway-focused Orthodontics: Looking Past the Teeth to the Skeleton
         Eric Phelps, DDS, MS    
     Myofunctional Therapy: Identifying Pathology and Remedial Strategies
         Samantha Weaver, MS, SLP 
2 CE Credits
B06: Neuromodulatory Stimulation as Tool to Suppress CEntral Sleep Apnea
Glenn Clark, DDS, MS
1 CE Credit
B07: Oral Appliance Combination Therapy, With and Without an Interface: A New Frontier For Dentistry
 Michael Adame, DDS
1 CE Credit
A maximum of 28 CE Credits can be claimed via the recorded sessions. 

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