2019 AADSM Membership Dues

Did AADSM Dues Increase for 2019? 

Yes, regular member dues have increased in 2019 by $55 from $345 to $400. This is the first increase in dues since 2009.

How Do My Dues Get Spent?

All dues revenue is strategically directed to advance oral appliance therapy and support AADSM members. Your dues support initiatives and programs aimed at advancing oral appliance therapy among physicians, patients and payers.
In 2018, your membership dues directly supported:
  • The development of a strategic plan with three goals: Define the field of dental sleep medicine, increase the number of providers who treat patients with oral appliances, and strengthen the value of the AADSM to dentists practicing dental sleep medicine.
  • Marketing and public relations efforts to dentists, dental organizations, licensing boards, federal agencies, dental schools, patients and physician groups advocating for requisite training in oral appliance therapy.
  • Developing OAT reimbursement resources to help you navigate the field of dental sleep medicine.
  • A standard for the practice of dental sleep medicine that includes screening, assessment, treatment, and follow-up care.
  • The development of the AADSM Mastery Program, a comprehensive, standardized educational program for dental sleep medicine, offered by both the AADSM and dental schools across the country.
  • Working with the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine to create a second pathway to certification that doesn’t require case submissions.
  • Changes to the AADSM’s Qualified Dentist designation program to ensure that dentists with minimal qualifications are distinguishable from those with no qualifications. 
  • Transitioning to independent management, so the AADSM’s staff is dedicated solely to advancing the initiatives of our organization.
  • Funding of research grants to support the continued growth of evidence-based practice of dental sleep medicine.

In 2019, your membership dues will directly support:
  • Initiatives to promote recognition of OAT among Medicare and commercial insurers.
  • Outreach to physicians to promote OAT as a first-line treatment for sleep apnea.
  • Outreach to dental schools across the country to promote the field of dental sleep medicine and the education required to provide OAT.
  • Funding of research grants.
  • Continued development of important consensus- and evidence-based documents.
  • Continued development of educational resources for you and your patients.
Why Should I Renew My AADSM Membership?
We are just getting started. The AADSM is committed to ensuring that patients, referring physicians and payers seek oral appliance therapy for OSA and work with dentists who have the appropriate knowledge and training to competently provide OAT.
The dues increase reflects our increased scope of work, the further standardization of the field and our more intense efforts to gain recognition for you and your colleagues.
We appreciate your membership and your help in building a community of dentists who work to improve the health of patients.