Dental sleep medicine facilities that seek to earn accreditation through the AADSM must comply with the Standards for Accreditation of Dental Sleep Medicine Facilities. These Standards ensure that accredited facilities demonstrate proficiency and professionalism in the practice of dental sleep medicine by providing exceptional therapeutic care for patients with sleep-disordered breathing.

Through adherence to these Standards, accredited facilities demonstrate a commitment to excellence in the knowledge, experience and ability of dental sleep medicine facilities to manage ongoing care for patients.
  • Proficiency

Accredited facilities must adhere to the Standards for the appointment, responsibilities and continuing education of staff including a dental director, clinical auxiliaries and coding and billing personnel.
  • Professionalism

Adherence to Standards regarding safety, consumer service and follow-up must be met to ensure that patients receive optimal care at an accredited facility.
  • Practice

Policies and procedures regarding the acceptance of patients, documentation, patient treatment and billing must be developed and followed in order to meet the Standards for accreditation.

“AADSM Dental Sleep Medicine Facility Accreditation offers a valuable learning experience and provides guidelines which help dentists provide higher quality patient care,” Dr. Nazila Doroodian, DMD