Mastery III

Mastery Course Three

20 CE Hours

Completion of Mastery Course I and Mastery Course II is required to attend Mastery Course III.

As the final didactic step in the Mastery Program, Mastery Course III provides participants with the proficiency to manage a broad spectrum of cases and severities of obstructive sleep apnea. A focus on titration goals, understanding maximum medical improvement, and side effect management furnishes practitioner confidence and promotes best patient care.

After completing all three courses, dentists will be eligible for the ABDSM certification examination.

Course Objectives:
Upon completion of the course, attendees will be able to:
1. Explore alternative and emerging therapies for SDB.
2. Anticipate oral appliance efficacy for individual cases and consider combinations of therapies for best clinical outcomes.
3. Confidently manage OA side effects and patient expectations
4. Explain the etiology and prevalence of pediatric SDB, the differences with adult SDB and the efficacies of treatment options.
5. Incorporate pediatric screening and referral protocols.
6. Continue to build an understanding of the medical practice model with medical-legal considerations.
7. Perfect an appropriate algorithm for patient management that begins with screening and ends with long-term follow-up.

  • Successful completion of Mastery Courses I and II.
Clinical Competency Assignments:
  • Mastery Course III includes several Clinical Competency assignments that require patient interaction. These assignments are required to successfully complete Mastery Course III. Registered attendees will receive detailed instructions regarding these assignments during each course window. For an overview of Clinical Competency assignments,

PAP Therapy and Phenotypical Considerations
Pain and Sleep
Managing TMD
Dental Side Effects
Adverse Event Management
DSM in Practice
Medical Legal Considerations
Staff Roles for Efficiency
Building Bridges Through Communication
Digital Pathways
Long Term Follow-Up
Pediatric Sleep
Pediatric Therapies and Evidence-Based Practice
Maximizing Outcomes
Side Effects Case Presentation and the Power of Informed Consent

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