Mastery II

Mastery Course Two

As part of the comprehensive AADSM Mastery Program, Mastery Course II builds on the knowledge and clinical proficiency gained in Mastery Course I with continued emphasis on skill development. Students will participate in oral appliance selection and create a prescription for a laboratory to fabricate an oral appliance. Clinical competence and confidence with delivery and titration will be addressed with further development in Mastery Course III. Lectures will develop a more in-depth understanding of normal sleep and the consequences of poor quality sleep, including phase delay circadian rhythms in adolescents. Exploring alternative treatments such as surgery and CPAP will lay a foundation for guiding patient decision making and anticipating combining therapies for best outcomes.
Course Objectives:
Upon completion of the course, attendees will be able to:
  1. Describe co-morbidities of SDBs such as cardiovascular, metabolic and neurocognitive concerns.
  2. Identify critical data of sleep studies including sleep architecture, respiratory parameters and influence on oral appliance success expectations.
  3. Incorporate appropriate oral appliance delivery processes such as fitting for comfort, evaluation of midline, documentation and correspondence.
  4. Prepare patients for oral appliance use and titration, monitoring signs, symptoms and side effects.
  5. Anticipate and prepare to manage side effects that could compromise treatment objectives.
  6. Develop further understanding of the medical practice model and medical insurance coding and billing requirements.
  • Successful completion of Mastery Course I including all pre-session assignments and a written exam.
 Pre-Session Assignments:
  • Read assigned articles
  • Conduct a personal oral appliance trial
  • Select two patients as part of the Guided Patient Cases and do the following:
    • Complete an attestation document
    • Submit intra-oral photos for each patient
    • Complete an online survey on each of the two patients
  • Read the SOAP Notes and Informed Consent Tutorial
  • Read a sample SOAP note and take a quiz
Details about the pre-session assignments will be emailed to attendees following Mastery Course I. 

  Practice Mgmt: Device Delivery and Recall
  DDS vs Staff Roles
  Appointment Times and Spacing
  Student Device Selection and Review
  Decision Making for Guided Patient Cases
  Combination Therapy
  Side Effects of OAT-TMJ
  Case Presentations
  Morning Repositioning
  Avoiding Side Effects
  Normal Sleep, II
  Problematic Sleep Including SDB
  Problematic Sleep and Neurocognitive, Metabolic,
  Physiologic, Societal Impact
  Testing Options and Guidelines
  (Continued from Mastery I)
  Treating SDB with PAP Essentials II
  (Continued from Mastery I)
  Post Delivery Care and Appointments
  Determining MMI
  Insurance Coding and Reimbursement I
  Insurance Coding and Reimbursement II
  Nasal-Pharyngeal Anatomy and Imaging
  Nasal Examination for Dentists
  Surgeries and Procedures
  Emerging Therapies

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