AADSM Launches "Snoring Couples" Consumer Awareness Campaign

American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine
Monday, March 23, 2015

Did you know forty percent of women claim snoring in the opposite sex is a turn-off? Or that one in five Americans say a snoring partner could drive them out of bed? These are just a few of the proprietary findings from an AADSM survey on snoring couples. The February survey helps shine a light on the effect snoring has on a bed partner's sleep and spread the word about the benefits of OAT as an effective snoring and sleep apnea treatment option.
To tout the results, AADSM sponsored a successful #Snoring Struggles Twitter Chat on February 18 where participants were invited to tweet their spousal snoring stories and discuss treatment options. The one hour discussion reached more than 28 million people and was a trending topic on Twitter. The survey also garnered national media with e-articles on the Huffington Post (6,776,830 unique monthly visitors) and Medical Daily (572,765 unique monthly visitors). Check out the full survey report, read the press release and stay tuned for more impactful media coverage!

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