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American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine
Friday, October 10, 2014

The third issue of JDSM (Volume 01, Number 03) is available to members on the JDSM website.

In this issue you will find outstanding articles such as:


Oral Appliance Awareness and Beyond
Leslie C. Dort, DDS, Diplomate, ABDSM

Original Articles

A Novel Use of Complete Denture Prosthesis as Mandibular Advancement Device in the Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Edentulous Subjects
Arvind Tripathi, MDS, FACS; Ashutosh Gupta, BDS; Suryakant Tripathi, MD, FCCP; Abhishek Dubey, MSc

Case Reports

Oral Appliance Therapy and Atrial Fibrillation
Kathleen Bennett, DDS, Diplomate, ABDSM

Review Articles

Current Barriers and Study Needs for Oral Appliance Therapy: The Personal Perspective of a Physician and Dentist
Bernard Fleury, MD; Alan A. Lowe, DMD, PhD


Looking Through the Glass Ceiling
Samuel T. Kuna, MD, FAASM

Special Articles

Rapid Maxillary Expansion for Pediatric Sleep Disordered Breathing
Rose D. Sheats, DMD, MPH

Letters to the Editor

A Little Insurance Information That Might Keep You Out of Harm's Way
David B. Schwartz, DDS, Diplomate, ABDSM

What's in a Name?
Todd D. Morgan, DMD, Diplomate, ABDSM

News and Updates

Generating Awareness for Oral Appliance Therapy
L.C. Williams & Associates, Public Relations Agency of Record for AADSM since 2012

AADSM News and Updates

Biographical Information for the 2014-2015 American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine Board of Directors
Leslie C. Dort, DDS, Diplomate, ABDSM

Membership Survey Summary
Leslie C. Dort, DDS, Diplomate, ABDSM

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