AADSM Holds "Snoring Mad" Online Chat

American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine
Friday, November 9, 2012

As part of the full-scale public relations campaign underway, AADSM partnered with a number of high profile bloggers across the country for an hour-long "Snoring Mad" online chat on Tuesday, Oct. 30. Held on Twitter, the chat was designed to generate conversations about sleep-related breathing issues and spotlight the solutions AADSM members can provide through the use of oral appliance therapy (OAT). And by all accounts, this first effort was a great success!

More than 2,000 tweets filled Twitter on Tuesday evening with sleep and snoring-related comments, questions and solutions. AADSM president Dr. Demko participated in the conversation to provide insight on patient experiences with OAT, as well as to answer consumer questions about OAT, OSA and snoring. Throughout the chat, participants commented on their surprise that dentists can help with sleep-related breathing issues, shared stories about scary snorers in their family and expressed interest in following up with a dentist to find sleep solutions. Comments made during the conversation include, "Very cool, the oral device is such a great concept!" and "I'm going to talk to my dentist/dr about oral appliances!" AADSM encouraged all participants to learn more about dental sleep medicine and find a local, knowledgeable dentist by visiting the member locator on localsleepdentist.com.

During the course of this social media blitz, AADSM gained more than 100 new Twitter followers and 80 additional Facebook likes. In addition, the chat's theme, "Snoring Mad," became a top 10 trending topic on Twitter. This was the first of many Twitter chats planned for the ongoing AADSM public relations effort.

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